Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's a BOY!!!

Even though we initially wanted to keep the sex of the baby a secret our doctor spilled the beans and insinuated that our baby was a boy. Just to be sure we recently decided to confirm this and found out that, indeed, it is a boy! The "male plumbing" was clear as day in the ultrasound which led the nurse to declare that there was no doubt! Jacob and I are ecstatic! Jacob is especially proud that our little one will be able to pass on the Bauckman family name! Now if we could only agree on names - we are struggling a bit in the name department! Here are some recent ultrasound and belly pics!

Sonogram at 27 weeks

Belly at 24 weeks

Belly at 28 weeks
Belly at 28 weeks

And Baby Makes Three!

Hello family and friends! Welcome to the Bauckman Family blog! Since we've got a little stinker on the way (due May 15) we figured what better way to keep friends and family up to date with pictures and news than to start a blog! This blog site may be a little uneventful for the next couple of months but we promise once the little one gets here things will pick up! Enjoy!