Tuesday, September 22, 2009


In the months of July and August this summer Charlie acquired his first cousins! Delia Reese Bauckman was born July 29th and Bella Faith Dent (second cousin) was born August 21st! Charlie is enormous compared to these tiny girls! During the shoot the girls became a little upset so Charlie proceeded to place his hands on their legs to calm them down. It worked. Here's a picture of the Queens of the Crib and King of the Playpen at the shoot.

A new cousin coming soon: It has also been announced recently that Charlie can expect yet another cousin in the spring of next year! Becky's sister Lindsay is 10 weeks pregnant! She is expecting her little bundle of joy on April 16th 2010. Yay for cousins!

It's Fall Y'all!

Football, Foliage and Festivities! I just love fall and I'm especially excited this year to share my favorite season for the first time with my baby boy. This past weekend was Charlie's very first trip to Hokie town and he proved to be a good luck charm b/c the Hokies won in the last second of the game! This was a special game to the family b/c VT played Nebraska and both of my parents are Nebraska alums. So of course Charlie had to represent both sides of the family - not only did he sport his Hokie gear, he also sported an adorable Husker onesie with which mom and dad just couldn't argue. We are forever grateful to Grandma K and Papa Bill for watching Charlie so mom and dad could go watch the game! They drove all the way to Blacksburg to see their grandson and boy did they have a ball with him!

Charlie update: our monkey is a week away from being 5 MONTHS OLD! I know I keep saying this but where on earth does the time go?? On Friday Charlie had to undergo an not-so-pleasant procedure in the nether region of his body. Poor thing :( His circumcision didn't take in one place so they had to do some extra snipping. But he was such a trooper and didn't even cry! Mom and Dad are just relieved that it's over! We also believe Charlie might have some teeth coming in soon! He has been teething like maniac, sticking anything and everything in his mouth at every opportunity. He also is required to wear bibs now b/c if he doesn't his entire outfit will be soiled with drool within minutes. Let's hope we can make it through this next phase without too many tears!

Next weekend Charlie will be getting baptised and we are so excited to share that moment with our families!