Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Charles In Charge

Oh Charles is in charge alright - he pretty much dictates every waking hour of our lives (and non-waking hour for that matter)! But the more time we spend with him the less we mind ;) Charlie is now 3 and 1/2 months old (where the heck does the time go?) and since our last update Becky has returned to work and Charlie is now in the hands of his new sitter during the week days. Becky has handled this surprisingly well! She actually considers it a break to go to work! Miss Glenda just adores Charlie (who wouldn't?) and can't get over how happy he is for how young he is. Charlie just loves Miss Glenda right back too - sometimes he cries when he has to leave her ;)
In the last month our little boy has taken on the nickname "Chunky Monkey" for obvious reasons if you've seen his pictures. He has grown tremendously! No solid foods for this big boy for a while - he certainly does not need the extra calories! He is also *SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT*!!!! Woohoo pop the champagne! The glorious day has arrived - I guess he wanted to give mom a break knowing I was going back to work!

Chunky Monkey has also melted our hearts recently with his new cooing, giggling and smiling! He really is the "happiest baby on the block!" He seems to recognize when his mom and dad enter the room now too! His legs and getting stronger and stronger with each passing day and dad likes to walk him up and down the counter tops!

Also very recently, as in last week, Charlie acquired his first cousin! Yep - Delia Reese Bauckman arrived on July 29th at 1:23 am! Charlie was pumped to finally have a new playmate!

Check out some of his latest pictures!

Ready for our walk!

Charlie getting geared up for his first wakeboarding trip!

I just love bathtime!

Pool time with grandpa!